Endless Love 

30x48--1.5" Frame Wrapped Canvas



Mixed Medium Acrylic/Oil


#II(2) from WILEUMZ

Endless Love is a painting brought to canvas out of deep longing for Truth, Freedom, Peace, Smile & an internal Fullness of Love.  In a world rushed for things, money & self gain; Wileumz encountered a deep  angst in spirit at such broad pursuit of lackluster way.  This propelled & Led Wileumz to be still, listen, seek, breathe, Trust & follow a greater Purpose & Truth for himself and his life in this moment. Furthermore Led to use the palette knife to write Love 4 ways, 1 for each angle of the canvas.  Upon studying the canvas for 3 days in each hanging direction, it became clear with a specific vertical alignment that a Greater Presence had revealed the Truth of Love, as a face (both profile and straightforward) appeared in the upper left side of the painting.  Many have found the image/face's to represent Jesus Christ, The Son Of The God~

The Back consists of writings, psalms & Truths revealed in the process & moments of the works construction and after study.

In painting & in all art endeavor, Wileumz seeks to find qualities greater than his current mortal self, This Is His Only Goal.  "A Discipline to Become A Greater Resemblance Of Who I Was Given Life to Be".  To Grow & be filled and Led to shine Light, To Inspire & To Serve In Each Moments Offering.  The 'aesthetic expression'  for Wileumz, commonly referred to as  the 'art'  is merely a reflection of much time spent in heart, spirit & soul longing for True Life, True Love & True Freedom.  

This is the second painting Wileumz was Led to paint.  

This Is For You~