The Depths Within

36x48--1.5" Frame Wrapped Canvas


Mixed Medium Oil & Acrylic 

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#V In The Face Collection™



This 36 x 48 combines Rich Oils & Iridescent Acrylics to form a piece thats Gentle yet Bold.
The Mixed Medium Piece of High Quality Oils and underlying Acrylic Iridescent blue and gold, combined with Free Falls of Pearl, brings A depth of harmony & splendor to any environment.
#XXI  is an endless journey of Griit & Glory.
Teamed with a back filled with inspiration Peace motivation and poetic freedom. 

In painting & in all art endeavor, Wileumz seeks to find qualities greater than his current mortal self, This Is His Only Goal.  "A Discipline to Become A Greater Resemblance Of Who I Was Given Life to Be".  To Grow & be filled and Led to shine Light, To Inspire & To Serve In Each Moments Offering.  The 'aesthetic expression'  for Wileumz, commonly referred to as  the 'art'  is merely a reflection of much time spent in heart, spirit & soul longing for True Life, True Love & True Freedom.  

This is the second painting Wileumz was Led to paint.  

                           This Is For You~