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The New Copyright 


Copyright Registration ©®, though valid; is archaic in  'process'.  Taking months & years before receiving an official certificate of issued rights, to work created months or years ago.  Such way of process lames and stagnates the rights of artists and creators of all types. 

'The Blockchain Produces An Instant Ownership Endorsing Record' which allows creators an ability to immediately achieve a 'documented proof of record' as it pertains to the Genesis of a 'Creation' (arts, designs, lyrics, books, videos, musical works, computer programs etc. etc.) referred to as 'Work.'


 Additionally there is zero denying or altering  the transactions, records & timelines of the Blockchain; making the Blockchain the first step & the most efficient 'process'  toward  securing proof & rights regarding 'Work Ownership'~

While applying for, & obtaining a copyright remains wise as an added & official record of ownership, The Blockchain is a bonafide & documented timestamp in claiming rights to your work immediately.   Furthermore providing 'Proof of Ownership', & allocating undeniable evidence, in the event one needs proof in a dispute or a court of law. 

The Blockchain Insignia can be applied to any literary, musical,  dramatic,  pictorial, graphic, motion picture,  sound recording 'Work.'   Once an individual  has added 'a created work' to the Blockchain,  applying  the BL©K⛓ Insignia provides clear visual representation that work ownership is recorded & lives on the Blockchain.   The Creator is then able link the Insignia, when clicked upon;  to the specific  'On-Chain' location of the professional work.  

The Documented Rights of Ownership Begin Today~ 

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***The BL©K⛓ is not a blockchain in itself  & does not provide legal protection to ownership.  The  BL©K⛓  is an insignia which denotes to viewers that the ‘work’ (art/project/creations/designs/songs etc etc.) is currently registered on the blockchain. The BL©K⛓  is an ‘identifying insignia’ applied to a work once a work has officially been added to the blockchain. Then add the insignia to the work & link it to the official Blockchain record. Apply the insignia to a work & link it to the official record prior to posting it online, allowing viewers to know you’re protected & to allow them to connect to the official Blockchain Record. 3673 is not responsible for any legal litigation involving a dispute between ownership rights of “work”.  The BL©K⛓ is merely an aesthetic used to identify that a work is on the blockchain, & to link to its record.